Cifra Closest Thing To Heaven - Tears For Fears

Tom: C
(  Em     C  )
Twenty-eight days of rain... Flash floods in February
Back in our boats again... Bath water and the baby
What am I gonna do? There's been a lot of drinking
Looking at ghosts of you... While all the world is sinking...

(  G    Am    C  )   Bm
Ten thousand miles into the atmosphere 
My body shakes... Is there a welcome here?

(  Bm    C  )    Am
Closest thing to heaven! How do you do it? 
Closest thing to heaven... heaven! 

(  Em     C  )
Throw your arms round the world... Make love your destination
Here we go boys and girls... Act like a generation
Gimme that ball and chain... By now it must be hurting
Dragging your feet again... Just like a beast of burden...

(  G    Am    C  )   Bm
When one and one, and one, and one make two...
I know I'm high because I've captured you... Yeah!
(  Bm    C  )    Am
Closest thing to heaven! Yeah, it's you!
Closest thing to heaven... Heaven!
(  F    G  )   A
Look the world right in the eye!!!
Eat the countries that are making billions...
Sweet as homemade apple pie!!!
Saved by crumbs for all the starving millions... Yeah!

(  C    Bm  )
Closest thing to heaven... Heaven...
Closest thing to heaven... Heaven...

(fade out...)