Cifra Pedestal - Barlow Girl

Verse 1
               B                  Ab
You're the coolest person
       D               Db
That I have ever seen
    B                       Ab
So perfect with your pretty face
         Gb G Ab  A
On the TV screen
B                  Ab
You're a god I know it
               D                     Db
How you stand above them all
        B                  Ab
You are my perfect person
             A                   B
Man I'd hate to see you fall


E                        B
I want someone to believe in
Ab                          A
Yeah well don't we all
E                    B
In this life of imperfection
            Ab                          A
I need someone who won't fall
E               B              Ab             A
You got it, you got it, you got it all (2x)

Verse 2
          B          Ab
Got a magazine today
              D         Db
That was full of you
B                           Ab
Shocked to read the words they said
            Gb             G Ab A
Tell me they're not true
B                    Ab
A   you to my fallen list
      D                    Db
One more has hit the ground
       B                           Ab
The fault was mine I held you too high
         A                  B
Your only way was down

Into to Bridge: Db Gb Ab A Ab
Db Gb Ab A Ab
I can't deny this need inside
Db Gb Ab A Ab
I have to find the perfect one
Db Gb Ab A Ab
But I wonder if behind my need
Db Gb Ab A Ab
There might just be a reason

Verse 3
         B                      Ab
Is my life just one big searching
            D           Db
For the one I can adore?
     B                    Ab
It never works and I'm just left here
Gb         G Ab A
Wanting more
B                      Ab
Could it be this hunger's there
     D                   Db
To drive me to the one
           B                 Ab
Who's worthy of all worship?
                A                       B
Would my searching then be done?